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General Ledger
The heart of any accounting

Module General Ledger for double-entry bookkeeping interacts with other modules, provides for automatic and manual posting , insight into the account card for customers or suppliers , review of open items and the ability to create various reports that are used in accounting.

General Ledger module is integrated with all other modules and allows you, for each posting, to see documents based on which the posting was created.

The program supports:

  • assigning user rights for access to the general ledger or the posting , accounting agency can provide insight into the general ledger to their clients
  • view and print account cards and posting journal entries
  • automatic and manual posting
  • automatic and manual closure of open items
  • foreign currency posting and closing open items
  • review of outstanding items,printing a warning and IOS documents with the option to determine print settings
  • possibility of posting by place of costs and projects
  • view and print synthetic and analytical trial balances with recapitulation by classes
  • possibility of posting by place of costs and projects
  • ireports and charts about business indicators, revenue, expenses and operating results by month and/or at places of cost
  • book chart of accounts with the options to set a different chart of accounts for each company with multilingual support chart of accounts (eg description of accounts simultaneously in Serbian, English and Slovenian language)
  • automatic creation of different reports and balance sheets for the purposes of statistical reporting
  • option setting of automatic posting
  • keeping the general ledger for separate years
  • keeping the general ledger in a variety of currencies
  • automatic closure posting class , closure and transfer outstanding items in the new financial year
  • listing of the exact open items at the beginning of the year without the need for previous conclusion of last fiscal year
  • archiving business years
  • export and import chart of accounts from Excel files

Especially for bookkeeping agency program enables:

  • keeping statistics of completed transactions with respect to the number of posting or corrections within a specified period,
  • records entries posting and corrections and by whom ,
  • quick copy settings of posting , chart of accounts and other codebooks among companies.