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ADVANCED package is designed for small and large businesses. ADVANCED package supports service and manufacturing companies , and allows management of procurement and sale, of goods and materials, in wholesale and retail.

Subscription allows you to use the program by paying a monthly fee for the intended period of time, regardless of the entered amount of data. Subscription price is determined by the number of users or the number of assigned user names and passwords.

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ADVANCED package includes the following modules: invoicing, expenses and bills, stock, VAT & tax reporting, travel expenses, cash box, e-banking, general ledger i payroll.

Package Price per month € 
(Net price)
Price per month € 
(Incl. VAT)
preduzeća sa jednim zaposlenim - 1 korisnik programa 15.00 18.00
do 3 korisnika 19.00 22.80
do 5 korisnika 25.00 30.00
preko 5 korisnika dodatno 3 EUR po korisniku -
preko 15 korisnika dodatno 2 EUR po korisniku -
-POS client (eFiskalizacija ESIR+LPFR) 15 EUR/instalaciji -
-arhiv dokumenata 2 EUR/GB -
-dodatak za telefonsku podršku 25.00 30.00

Subscription for E-računi includes:

  • non-stop app available on the Internet at
  • daily backup and archived data
  • automatic program updates with improvements
  • regular updating of foreign currency exchange rates, wages, and monthly data for payroll
  • customer support via e-mail at and helpdesk
  • subscription to the Basic package does not include telephone customer support, telephone support will be charged in accordance with the valid price list of extra services

Please note:

*VAT is not included. VAT is charged at the applicable rate . Prices valid from 1.12.2011. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

**Prices are listed in Euros, payment in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate at National Bank of Serbia (NBS).