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On-line Banking Integration That Works

With E-računi you are liberated from the burden of time consuming and tiresome repeating tasks when it comes down to banking.

Instant Payment Orders

You are able to create payment orders throughout the E-računi application. We designed it such way creating a payment order is just a click away, when and where you need it.

Direct Export to Banking Application

When you're done creating or managing a payment order, all you have to do is a simple export to your banking software and your payment is processed.

Data Import and Synchronization

It works both ways. Not only can you export data and payment orders to your banking software - you can also import the data into E-računi. You know have access to all the information you need and all the banking events that took place.

Pretty and Useful Reports

From the data you've imported from your banking software (of which we support practically every standard one), you are able to get pretty and useful reports. They show you stuff like cash flow and other helpful information.