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Expenses and Bills
Both Sides of Your Business

With E-računi you are able to track both sides of your business. We're not focusing on the invoicing part alone, but are also offering you everything you need to track your bills and expenses simply and effectively.

Track Your Expenses

What are your costs, why and how are they using your resources? You can track down every expense caused in production or by offering your service and simply transform it to an entry on your invoice.

Rich Information

You know your business has two sides. With E-računi you track both sides. Not only will you know everything you send out, you will also have all necessary information about the documents you receive.

Quickly Enter Monthly Bills

E-računi allows you to simply, quickly and effectively work with all those monthly bills. You simply enter it for the first month and E-računi will then take care of other months ahead.

On-line Banking Connection

Direct connection with on-line banking systems allows you to instantly pay every bill you receive. Forget about wasting your time by standing in line at the bank or by using another application. Plus, you will have up-to-date banking information at your fingertips, all inside E-računi.

Don't Be Late With Your Payments

Every second of every minute, with few simple clicks, you get entire report and information about who you owe, what you owe, since when and when does your supplier or partner expects payment. You know your integrity and reputation are two of the corner stones of your business, so don't loose them by forgetting to pay the bills.

Automatic VAT reporting

By entering your receivables, you are giving us an option to help you in another way. E-računi allows you to automatically send all VAT reports to tax authorities in a standard format.