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Simple, Yet Effective and Beautiful Invoicing

Create beautiful, professionally looking, completely custom invoices, quotas, estimations and other business documents with few simple clicks in your browser. Plus, have complete information about it just a few clicks away.

Completely Custom

Every document you print out or send using snail or e-mail is completely customizable. You get to choose how it will look and what will it say. You can even import existing Word templates or create new ones.

Many Different Formats

Your invoices, sales quotes, work orders, bills of materials, travel orders and other documents can be in different file formats. You can create a Word (.doc), PDF or HTML files.

From Quote To Invoice In a Second

E-računi is designed in such way it enables you to be productive. You type in data only once and then E-računi guides you from one step to the other, using this data. In this manner, you can create i.e. invoice based on sales quota with few simple clicks.

Who Owes You And How Much?

Don't let those not paying get away with it! E-računi offers you complete information about who owes you, what exactly and when should it be paid.

Advanced Reporting

E-računi enables you to be on the top of your business situation. It allows you to produce different kind of reports, i.e. how many invoices have been created, what type of products or services have you sale and other such valuable reports.

Make It Look Just The Way You Want It

With the help of advanced Word templating system, E-računi offers you to make your invoices and other business documents look just the way you want them to look.

Import Existing Word Templates

Have you done your invoicing in Microsoft Word or other alike program, where you've set up a beautiful looking template with your logo and other branding symbols? That's great! You can simply import those preexisting Word templates into E-računi and keep your styles intact.

Different Data, Different Styles

If you don't yet have a specific template for invoices, sales quotes and other documents you send to your clients and business partners, now is a perfect time to create one. It is simple and you can do it with E-računi or in Word or other such applications and then import it into E-računi. We're offering over 70 different types of data you can choose from and put on your invoice or other document.